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Grant from Naturesave Trust helps reduce period poverty in the East Midlands

The Naturesave Trust is funded by the activities of Naturesave Insurance,

the UK's leading ethical insurance provider for individuals, businesses, charities and community groups.

The SuPer (Sustainable Period Products) project freely donates reusable sanitary wear to people in need throughout the East Midlands. This project from Tiger Community Enterprise CIC has provided hundreds of reusable sanitary pads to young people, refugees and families on low incomes around Nottinghamshire. SuPer depends on generous financial support from the Natursave Trust to meet costs -

Toni Jarvis (Director of “Tiger Community Enterprise CIC”, Nottingham) is a successful local sewing instructor. Her students (pre-pandemic) frequently requested to make reusable sanitary wear. During the pandemic Tiger coordinated the local “For The Love of Scrubs” group. Local volunteer sewing teams were mobilised to provide 33,000 items for frontline medical workers in the East Midlands.

Plan International UK found that 40% of girls had been unable to afford period products.

Other surveys found that 137,700 girls missed school in 2017 due to the prohibitive costs of sanitary wear. (Independent, 2018).

Mel Newton researched the appalling escalation of period poverty in the UK through the pandemic. The problem continues to worsen due to the cost of living crisis. Toni designed a pattern and sourced effective specialist materials which would be easy for the sewers to make.

Potential production and material costs made reusable sanitary wear expensive to make. Tiger sewers wished to continue community support after the lockdown and their help significantly reduced the biggest expense for the SuPer Project – production. Additionally, SuPer volunteers give community presentations to improve public understanding of menstrual health and sanitary options available.

Mel Newton says; “By providing starter packs of sanitary pads to people in need we remove their biggest barrier to using reusables – cost - and give them financial sustainability for their menstruation, as well as aiding sustainability of the planet by reducing the plastics associated with disposable sanitary pads.”

SuPer has freely provided sanitary products in the East Midlands area because of generous grants from benefactors such as The Naturesave Trust. We hope to continue to access this support in meeting this need in our community.

Tiger Community Enterprise CIC was established to aid individuals and organisations in their growth. Centred at Tiger Community Hub, we deliver projects offering a wide range of opportunities for people to enhance their own skills,

supporting the mental health of the local community. Tiger works with partners to offer a wide range of support and creative activities. These relaxing, therapeutic experiences can help build confidence as well as skills.




19-21 Lister Gate

Nottingham NG1 7DE


Director: MEL NEWTON

19-21 Lister Gate

Nottingham NG1 7DE

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