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Tiger gets an Award!

Tiger won an award!

We were invited to the LGBTQ# Rainbow Heritage Celebration and Awards night at the Council House.

At Tiger we welcome everyone from the community to a warm, friendly, safe space for a range of activities.

Last year we were asked to help dress Broad Street for Notts Pride.

Not to do things by halves, rather than just bunting we engaged everyone in the community to help us paint a selection of Queer flags and positive affirmation banners with the quotes provided by the community.

We then had help from Broadway Cinema lending us tall enough ladders to put the banners in place.

They looked fab!

Notts Pride gave us an award ‘For their amazing work supporting Notts Pride 2023’

All I can say is it was a pleasure. Thanks to everyone who helped, individuals, families, organisations including Nottingham BID (Its In Nottingham), VF Northern (Timberland and Accounts teams), Base 51 and the Princes Trust, and our wonderful volunteers and regulars. It was a brilliant team effort.

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